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About Us

Dear Customers;

EGİN ETİKET, established in 1976 to carry on business in the field of energy sector information label manufacturing; has afterwards adopted high quality product concept in the machine, iron steel and automotive industries and the principle of elimination of the deficiencies in the sector.

As a result of its experience in the sector, the company has been exporting its high quality products since 2008. In 2012, it was named to be one of top 1000 companies of its professional union and the company revised its goals accordingly. It is the first and only establishment of its sector which contributes to national economy with 15 % of its total production.

On behalf of our corporation, we feel much honored to have increased the market value of the advertisement and advertisement products by means of the new actions taken in consequence of the technological developments that have significantly accelerated by 2000s and to have become the pioneer in pushing the development of the equipment pool. In the meantime we also aim to spread the sense of being innovative in our sector.

Our equipment pool comprises guillotine shears with reducer, press machines used in the manufacturing of industrial products as well as UV print and dryer lines, full and semi screen-printers digital print/cut machinery in quick and mass production, laser marking machines and pantographs for the manufacture of marking products and button labels that can be used in various fields. In 2013, compared to year 2012, there has been an increase of 34% in the number of our products we manufacture under the guarantee of lifetime warranty. Within the figure that is defined as 5,718.379 in the held inventory, the company has exhibited its excellence in product sales by completing the multi-quantity production of different or same products.

Some of our products; primarily metal labels, transformer and panel accessories, folio labels, mimic diagrams mainly used in the projects describing the working system and operation, occupational safety signs, direction signs, advertising signs, promotions, printing press products and so on… My profound thanks to you for your contributions to our activities we carry on with the aim of ranking among the pioneering companies that are experienced in the sector; at home and abroad and achieving the business solution by providing the “Top Quality” in the “Fastest” way to you, Our Esteemed Customers we are in cooperation with.

General Manager
Şemsettin EGİN